About Us

Right Height Manufacturing designs and makes trailblazing products that move society forward. Whether it be embedding software into our height-adjustable workstations so that employers can use their own data to make decisions that impact their real estate leases and employee wellness and productivity, or enhancing both patient and doctor satisfaction and communication with our patient-facing electronic health record (EHR) consult desk, we heal the festering wounds that others have allowed to linger.

Our software-enabled SmartLegs in our LifeDesk brand saved a government employee from a back injury by alerting her that she was not using her LifeDesk at the recommended ergonomic height when doing seated work. We were able to intervene and help the employee make a correction; one that saved her from years of pain, and saved her employer from a potentially expensive disability claim. No other sit-stand desk can do that.

No wonder why LifeDesk SmartLegs users have reported they have more energy at work, greater engagement in their work, higher job satisfaction, and feel more productive. You read that right. We’re doing all of that with something that others consider “just a piece of office furniture.” But we’re not done.

Now, we’re helping employers use data from their SmartLegs to make better decisions about post-pandemic office space needs.

How much do we need now in today’s hybrid work model?
And how best to configure the shared office space that remains?

Finally – we can help you answer those questions based on real data rather than “going with your gut.”

On the horizon, we’ll be helping employers with the data they need to renegotiate with their health insurers. Self-insured employers will be able to measure, and realize, lower healthcare costs and absenteeism thanks to the software muscle we’ve built into our SmartLegs by LifeDesk.

In healthcare, we believe that if we can help physicians work more comfortably, then they can work more productively…and even provide better quality care. More than 9 out of 10 physicians stated they will recommend our StableRise to their colleagues because it makes using the EHR more tolerable, while also making it easier to communicate with their patients face-to-face when typing in the EHR.

To put this in perspective, thousands of doctors nationwide have left direct patient care because they were too frustrated by the EHR programs that were thrust upon them. Both physician burnout and healthcare staffing have both been called “epidemics” in the media, and medical trade journals have assigned part of the blame to physician complaints about the EHR user experience. But we’re having the opposite impact by looking at problems that others wrote off as “unfixable.”

We started as an ergonomics consulting company in 1991 and have evolved into a designer and maker of these problem-solving products because, well, solving problems is in our blood. Our President, Brian Carmody, became passionate about leaving a legacy ever since his stint in the Army Medical Service Corps in the 1990’s. Today, and every day, we get out of bed each morning to make sure the people who use our products are living healthier and more productive lives. While commercial-grade furniture may be the visible tools we use, make no mistake, we are a company that serves the world through listening, understanding, thinking, testing, and solving.

To see if your organization is a good fit for solving these expensive problems by re-examining them through our eyes, you’re invited to contact Brian Carmody directly to discuss potentially massive change for the better at [email protected].